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Here you can see papers that have been written for master courses.

Cognitive and Social Sciences in HMI

Activity Theory: A framework for analyzing CSCW Systems - pdf
This paper investigates what is activity theory and why it differs from other cognitive theories from Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) perspective. We also present an elaboration of the theoretical perspectives with respect to analysis of people’s use and design of CSCW systems. ( Koray Duhbaci, Manu Gupta )

A Practical Analysis of a Collaborative Work Using Activity Theory - pdf
This paper examines how activity theory can be applied to group work. Based on Cole and Engeström’s analysis of activity and the mediating relationships among the individual, tools, or artifacts and organization participating in the activity, we tried to understand the complex interaction within a group of international students.( Koray Duhbaci, Manu Gupta )

Instructor: Jakob Tholander & Harko Verhagen

Affective Interaction

Erbol - pdf
In this paper we analyze the design of an interactive system that supports physical and affective interaction for children. After participatory design with children, radical changes to our first design approach aroused. We state that children must be part of every step of the design process of systems designed for children. ( Ivett Lilian Flores, Germán González, Koray Duhbaci )

Instructor: Kristina Höök


Micro Model of Human Heart Arrhythmias - pdf

This paper is comparasion between macro and micro simulation models. ( Jeffrey Burkham, Koray Duhbaci, Manu Gupta, Rahul Raja Padinjarekovilakom )

Instructor: Magnus Boman

Ubiquitous Computing

A Mobile State Detector for Complex Social Environments: Applications to Metro Wagons - pdf

A Java based Location aware application on hand held PC (HP IPAQ 5500) ( Koray Duhbaci, Nikos Korfiatis)

Instructor: Carl Gustaf Jansson

Methodolgy of Interaction Design

Designing a ticket machine- Design (pdf) and Evaluation
Aim of this assigment is to learn using interaction design techniques during the development process of interactive applications and to realize that having a clear understanding of what, why and how you are going to design something, before writing any code, can save enormous amounts of time and effort later in the design process. ( Koray Duhbaci, Manu Gupta, Omar Mubin)

Instructors: Tessy Cerratto Pargman
& Ylva Fernaeus

Collaborative Computing

Awareness support - pdf

A report about the awareness support provided in particular software

Instructors: Tessy Cerratto Pargman