about me
Domino Event Planner ID Tool Winter War

I have worked on this project between Feb 2004 and June 2004.

This is my undergraduate thesis.

This game is inspired by and devoted to Simo Häyhä


Winter War is an interactive storytelling and game design project which can be played offline on personal computers. While desiging our Project we will use these classical game concepts complexity, award, random, network. If we specialize on computer games, such technical features must play an important role on game design process. We can categorize these concepts on 4 main topic:

1 – Graphics
2 – Sound
3 – Usability
4 – Fun Factor

All these features have to considered as a whole. Absence of one of these features will affect the project final negatively. Our aim is to keep the player devoted to the game and have fun while playing the game. Devotion of the player is the best evidence of successful game design.

During development, I have used these programs:

  • Lightwave 3D - 3D modelling
  • Macromedia Flash - 2D animation and interactivity
  • Macromedia Director - to articulate different media
  • Adobe Photoshop - image processing
  • Adobe Audition - sound processing
  • Adobe Premiere - motion picture editing